Unleashing the power of seamless banking at your fingertips.

1. Approach a WePay QR-ATM:
Locate a WePay QR-ATM at participating shop outlets or designated locations near you.

2. Choose Your Preferred Mode:
a. QR Code Withdrawal:
◼️On the WePay QR-ATM screen, select the ‘QR Code Withdrawal’ option.
◼️Enter the desired withdrawal amount.

b. Aadhar Finger-Enabled Withdrawal:
◼️Choose the ‘Aadhar Finger-Enabled Payment’ option.
◼️Key in your Aadhar number when prompted.

3. Complete the Transaction:
For QR Code Withdrawal:
◼️A unique QR code will be displayed on the WePay QR-ATM screen.
◼️Open your preferred UPI app on your mobile phone (like PhonePay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Paytm, etc.).
◼️Use the app to scan the QR code.
◼️Confirm and complete the payment on your UPI app.

For Aadhar Finger-Enabled Withdrawal:
◼️When prompted by the WePay QR-ATM, place your thumb on the designated fingerprint scanner.
◼️Wait for the biometric verification to complete.

4. Collect Your Cash:
Once your transaction is successful, the WePay QR-ATM will dispense the requested cash amount. Make sure to collect your cash and any printed receipt if you need one.

5. All Done!
Enjoy the ease and convenience of cardless cash withdrawal with WePay QR-ATM. Whether you’re tech-savvy or prefer traditional methods, accessing your money has never been this simple.